Are you looking to elevate your home bar game?

Or maybe you just want to learn more about what it means to become a Bartender.  If this sounds like you, then welcome to;


Civil Liberties Bar School

A four day course covering the fundamentals of being a great host behind a bar or in the comfort of your home.

Designed to get you thinking like the life of the party.

We will cover in depth; cocktail methodologies, structures and modifications, the processes of creating new drinks or discovering classics.  As well as the tools and spirits required to elevate your party hosting game.

Drinks will be made, and enjoyed, so please walk to class, or bring a designated driver.

Our next Semester begins Sunday April 3rd.

Classes will be held at Civil Liberties, 878 Bloor St W, 

and run from Noon to 3pm.


Cost of Enrollment | $400

Find the Full Course Breakdown Below.



The Old Fashioned;

History and Theory.
Scouts Honour;

Preparing to have a party.
Trade Tools;

What to use and why.

What to stock and why.
Worth The Squeeze:

Citrus Sciences.

The Old Fashioned;

Ice and Dilution.
First Batch, New Barrel;

Making time for conversation.
Shake Weight;

Bond was wrong.
Vodka Sodas;

Jiro dreams of balance.

Part One.

The Old Fashioned;

Body and Spirit.

Recipes & Manuals.
Wet Work;

Reading guests, choosing drinks.
The Weeds;

Survive'n and Thive'n.
Road House:

Closing up shop, cleaning house.

The Old Fashioned;

Oil and Bitters.
Muddy Waters;

Infusions, tincutures & bitters.
Sweest Touch;

Syrup production and use.
Golden Ratios;

The math of making drinks.

Part Two.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


878 Bloor St West

Toronto, Ont

M6J 1M2



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